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Documents for Download

Document Title Type Description
Bookkeeper Reporting Guide
Website navigation for bookkeepers
Information for Participants

We've updated our reporting guide to help walk you through the reporting process in the new website. You can also find a video tutorial here.

It's Vanpool Time!
New rider promotion
Information for Participants

Let Vanpool kickstart your commute with a 50% fare discount! All new and returning riders who sign up for a vanpool in June 2021-December 2021 are eligible for a 50% discount on the first two months of ridership. What a great deal! To sign up, just complete the promotion registration form along with your rider agreement.

New Vanpool Rider Agreement
Version 03.2020
New Rider Agreement

Before you join a vanpool, please submit a completed rider agreement to STA. You can download the form and send it to, or you can click here to complete and submit the form online.

New Website Navigation
Instructions for Commuters
Information for Participants

Learn how to pay your fare, find commute matches, view payment history, and update your account information.

Vanpool Transfer or Withdrawal
Version 02.2020
Rider Transfer or Withdrawal

Please complete this form at least 10 days prior to leaving your current vanpool group. You can download the form and submit it to, or click here to fill it out and submit it online.

Vanpool/Vanshare Driver Application
Version 03.2020
Vanpool/Vanshare Driver App

Please complete this form to become a van driver. Email completed form to, or click here to complete and submit the form online. A representative will contact you with the next steps.